Toys and games

Our unique online kids toy stores in Montreal and Laval offer a great variety of toys for boys and toys for girls that will suit any age and will satisfy all the toy-lovers and game enthusiasts. Your little ones will adore playing with the remote control planes, helicopters and toy cars, imagining themselves real drivers or pilots. They will be happy to simulate the grown-up life with a doll stroller or with a dollhouse as tall as they are. All kids will fall in love with the offered wide range of educational and learning toys as our puzzles for kids, building blocks, wooden toys or LEGO sets that will definitely ignite their imagination and will hold their interest challenging them to think and develop. With the ride on likes and scooters for kids from our toy store they will be inspired for an outdoor play and will make the most out of warm weather playtime. So step inside our toys and games category and find just what you need to keep your kids occupied.