BulbBotz Watches and Clocks

BulbBotz Watches and Clocks | Enfantino kids store, Montreal, Canada

BulbBotz Watches and Clocks - by ClicTime.

We strive to design and develop high-quality, officially licensed collectable products alongside brands that appeal to the child in everyone. Through our brand licensing partnerships and unique innovation, we craft some of the coolest, most original licensed products in the market.

BulbBotz™ Watches and Clocks feature some of your favorite movie and comic book heroes. Standing at 5.5 inches tall the Night Light Alarm Clock is activated by pushing down on the characters head to reveal a powerful light making this the perfect bedtime companion! Whether you want to wake up to the voice of the King of Wakanda Black Panther or the Dark Lord Darth Vader you can trigger your clocks characterized sound effects by pressing down on the sound button. Whichever character you choose, you can sleep peacefully knowing the alarm and snooze functions on your BulbBotz alarm clock will always wake you up in time for your next big adventure!

The BulbBotz watches consist of an easy to read LCD digital watch display hidden in the bodies of the Dark Lords and Superheroes in our collection. Simply push your characters legs up to pop out the body and reveal the time! With removable characters, take your wristwatch from a time tool to a fun figure with a light up head that kids (and big kids) will love to collect!

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