Loot Bags and the Rising Cost of Birthdays!

Posted by   Enfantino store
Loot Bags and the Rising Cost of Birthdays! | Enfantino kids store, Montreal

I remember my kids' birthday parties they were invited to when they were young. They would always come home with a little plastic bag filled with basically "dollar-store" junk! I guessed parents spent so much on the actual birthday itself that all they could muster up for a thank you gift was some candy and a game that broke before the kids got home. Having said this and being guilty of the same thing myself at times, those throwaway gifts added up in price.

Well, now, let's ramp up the quality of those small gifts. Enfantino has a variety of very reasonably priced small gifts that would fit very nicely in a loot bag, or wrapped in cellophane. Pick up something today and not only will your child remember the party but they will remember the thank you gifts too!


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