Welcome to Enfantino Toy Store

Enfantino is a toy store with an interesting development history, based on the needs and opinions of it's customers. This shop for children evolved from Memory Lane, a well-known second-hand clothing store in the Monkland Village. It's evolution began after Memory Lane co-owner, Stella Essipovitch, began asking her customers if they thought she should offer new products in addition to clothes. She was surprised to discover that many of her customers expressed interest in a one-stop-shop children’s boutique - a store where they could find babies clothes, toys, balloons, shoes, and games... all in one place. Believing that it is crucially important to listen to her customers' suggestions, Stella changed her store’s concept, and in March 2010 Memory Lane opened its doors as a toy store for children named Enfantino.

About Enfantino Toys Store | Montreal

Enfantino Toy Store:
5560 avenue de Monkland
Montréal, QC, H4A 1C9, Canada

Now Enfantino is a one-stop-shop, offering a wide selection of baby and children’s products, including unique toys and games for children of any age who are the most exigent toy-lovers. At Enfantino you will not only find everything you need to keep your child interested and entertained, but also an extensive range of beautiful princesses outfits, trendy shoes and a mesmerizing choice of exclusive accessories. At Enfantino you will discover famous brands as Pediped, Native, TOMS, Kamik, Kidorable, Skip Hop, Applecheecks and Gro Company and many others, all these making Enfantino experience a very special one.

Customers now regularly tell Stella that Enfantino has become the best place to shop for their little ones!

A mother herself, Stella has made Enfantino’s philosophy one where every child is unique. Her priority is to make sure Enfantino customers do not feel any pressure to buy when visiting and encourages parents to focus on their child’s personality and interests when trying to find the right toy, game, or piece of clothing to buy.

And indeed, there really is no match to Enfantino’s high level of customer service. Stella often visits the United States in search of unique toys, new clothes and educational games to add to her store’s selection. For example, Enfantino supplies tutu-like pettiskirt dresses that cannot be found anywhere else in Canada, let alone Montreal! Stella passes down all her knowledge and expertise to the customers who visit, so in addition to having toys, games, dresses, and shoes that cannot be found anywhere else in the city, the top quality customer service is yet another reason Enfantino stands out from the rest!

Stella relishes the moment when the right gift is found, for the smile on a child’s face is priceless, and nothing can compare to a happy child. After all, she knows through experience that a happy customer will always come back: many of Enfantino’s customers are the same ones from the days of Memory Lane.